How to recognize text from files?

Step 1

Upload image or PDF

Select the file from your Computer or drop it into the upload box.

Step 2

Crop & Select Language

If nessecery specify the part of the image to get recognized and select the file language to improve character recognition.

Step 3

Convert to text

Click "Convert" and receive the recognized text file right away!

Online convert photo

Edit and convert image

You can now extract text from your images or pdf file online. Based on OCR technology, our text to image converter will convert your image to text file.
This free online converter can convert documents and images to plain text. Just import a document and click on the convert button.
If you are wondering what format is needed to transfer images to text, it doesn't matter. Our free online OCR is designed for all types of image formats and quickly converts PNG and JPG to text.
People use it if they like any part of the text present in an image such as poetry, quotes etc. to share it with their friends on a social engine.